New Directions - Bubba's Business

If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander woman who:

  • is having your first baby
  • needs support throughout your first pregnancy
  • would like to share information with an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Support Health Worker
  • would like  help getting to and from appointments
  • would like to have an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health worker go into the doctors with you  to clarify what is being said
  • would like to meet other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young mothers and their babies

New Directions Bubba's Business can:

  • support you and your partner during and after your pregnancy
  • provide home visits for you and your baby
  • weigh baby,  talk about  immunisation and check on developmental milestones
  • can refer you lactation consultant to answer questions about  breastfeeding,
  • can advise you about introduction of solids by following the “Growing strong and well” program
  • listen to you and support you
  • give practical hands on assistance
  • invite you and your baby to the “Mum’s Place” playgroup 

Who are we?

The team is made up of:

  • Two Indigenous Health Workers - Liz Saylor and Donna Lauder 
  • An Indigenous Administration Officer - Maudesta Ahmat
  • Community and Family Support Officer - Danielle Prior 

Contact us

Click for more information or please phone (07) 4421 7783